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Reach Your Customers

Build Your Local Business  With Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads

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Are you a Southern Alberta business owner concerned about how to survive opening, reopening or expanding your business during relaunch? 

  • Are you worried about what layoffs will mean to your employees and their families? 

  • Do you want to serve your past customers and find new ones?

  • When you look at your sales at the end of the day do you wonder how long your business will stay open? 

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Build Business Stability So That You Are Ready For Whatever Happens In The Future

  • Reach more past and potential customers   so that you can turn them into paying customers.

  • Leverage your Facebook™ business page, website visitors, and customer lists so that you find more customers to serve. 

  • Run ad campaigns that fit with your budget so that you stop throwing money down the drain. 

Reach More People Than Organic Traffic

Organic traffic isn’t what it used to be.

Approximately only 2-7% of the people who like a business page will see the posts. 

How frustrating! It’s still worth doing.

An engaged business page helps keep ad costs down.

But… It won’t help reach out to the people on Facebook who are looking for what you offer. 

Paid advertising is what it takes to reach more people.  

Budget Friendly Campaigns 

Decide what to spend to get the results you want. Reach 1000’s of people in your local market for a few dollars a day. 


Results are tracked in real-time so you can make decisions immediately on whether to increase or decrease a budget.


There are best practices about HOW and WHEN to do this so that money isn’t thrown down the drain.

Leverage Your Online Business Presence

Advertise to people who have visited your website, Facebook business page, Instagram account. 


You can advertise to your current customers (if you have their permission.) 

They're either past customers or have shown an interest in what you have to offer. 

Don't let them slip away. 


Business owners tell me that it's too complicated to do their own ads or...

Facebook™ ads don't work for them.


1) Tried creating and running ads on their own. Some use boosted posts. They are easy - and not effective. Some are frustrated trying to figure out how to use Ads Manager. 

2) Hired an enthusiastic student, friend or family member who seemed to know a lot about Facebook™. 

3) Hired someone to do the ads for them. 

They didn’t get any results or know if the results were good or bad. 

Their money went down the drain.

All you need is the right strategy and …


The right person to do it for you. 

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About Lorna

Lorna Scott started running Facebook ads over 6 years ago when she started offering online courses and programs. Over the years and with the help of private Facebook ads coach, Clark Cooper, she discovered some of the little known secrets to successful Facebook ads.

Lorna became passionate about helping others grow their businesses and impact using paid traffic. In 2019 she took a leap and opened her own Facebook ad freelance/consultant business.

She has studied under some of the world leading online marketing experts: Jeff Walker, Ryan Deiss, Ryan Levesque, Keith Krance, Jason Hornung and more.


Lorna lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta and enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren and her dog Pepper. 

Lorna Scott, Facebook and Instagram Ads Specialist

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