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Clarity - Vision - Direction

  For Online Coaches and Course Creators               


With the right step-by-step guidance and support,

you CAN have a successful online program or course

Build an online business that gives you financial security - 

Without having to choose work over family & friends.

Here’s what happens to many online coaches and course creators...

They follow everything thing they’ve learned. They have a great program.

It looks like there are people interested in the program. Yet there are few, if any, sales.

They get discouraged and disheartened when there are not enough clients or students

stepping up to take their program.

Yet they don’t stop. They try to figure out what went wrong.

And they keep spinning their wheels. They believe they have all the information. 

But do they have the information they NEED?


At first there’s enthusiasm to find out why no one is signing up – and fix it. But when the problem continues … 

It creates indecision. 

It can even create an identity crisis. 

They are STUCK. In a major slump.

Afraid to launch their program again.

If this sounds familiar …

And you’re feeling disappointed and overwhelmed …

Yet you don’t want to throw in the towel ...

Would you like help?

  • Imagine how your life and business will change when you … 

  • Stop feeling stuck and overwhelmed about what to do next. 

  • Have clarity about your next step. What to start doing - and more importantly - what to STOP doing.

  • Banish imposter syndrome. Build your confidence and believe that you deserve success in your business. 

  • Put your program offer in front of the right people.

  • Grow your revenue by having more people enrolled in your program. 

  • Here's How We Can Work Together

    Group Programs

    There will be a beta cohort for relaunching your program released soon. 

    If you're interested in hearing updates on the 

    group programs, please sign up below and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

    Work With Me Privately

    There are 2 ways to work with me privately:

    1) Monthly guidance and support coaching 
    2) VIP days
     To find out more about working with me privately, sign up below and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. 

    For more information on programs and services please send me an email about the current challenges you have and what you want to achieve. 

    Client Success

    "REAL, Move-Forward Clarity"

    "I have so many hobbies, passions and ideas. The search has intensified over the past 10 years with SO many books, blogs and courses falling short. Nobody! Not even Simon Sinek has been able to help me wade through those options and come out the other end with REAL, move-forward clarity. That is not until Lorna took me through her process. She is truly compassionate, caring and gifted at helping others finally discover and align more closely with their purpose! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES, Lorna!!!" 

    Clark Cooper

    Marketing Advertising Consultant

    "Back in Charge of My Life!"

    "f I feel like my life has direction and meaning. Even my friends commented on the positive change in me - in only 6 weeks. I discovered I have choices and now feel like I am back in charge of my life. I highly recommend working with Lorna if you are wanting clarity on who you are, what is important to you, and are looking for the insight, strategies and tools to move forward with your life.”

    Mary Wilcox

    "Just what I needed"

    "I felt that I wasn't alone anymore. I had someone in my corner. Having Lorna to work with and bounce ideas off of and not relying on my own decision-making was, was huge. I had somebody to help me make those smart decisions. during the loneliness of early business when you're a solopreneur. Having someone who has the level of expertise that Lorna has by your side is absolutely invaluable because you just know you can take a breath and you're like, okay, I can do this."


    Renee Long

    Lit Habits for Writers.

    A Little About Me

    Lorna Scott

    Accelerated Success Coaching with Lorna

    My personal philosophy is to have a positive outlook on life with a focus on solutions, not problems.

    I quickly discover simple and creative solutions to nagging problems that seem just too overwhelming to even think about.

    That’s how I became known as the “Creative Solution Finder”.

    I passionately believe that with the right information, attitude, focus, and a belief in oneself anyone can achieve their highest goals.  I believe that these are the keys to unlocking your success in any phase of your life. 

    I’ve been in the online marketing space for over 7 years and from some of the best in the business: Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Ryan Levesque, Don Crowther, and more.

    For over 3 years I’ve been guiding and supporting online coaches and course creators to 5 and 6-figure launches. The experience of blending Facebook ad campaign management and coaching with launch strategy coaching has helped me identify some core areas that lead to success.

     These core areas aren’t taught in marketing courses. Few marketing groups focus on them. Yet, they are critical to success.

    That’s what I share with you. I look forward to sharing these keys with you so that you grow your business and make the impact you want to make in the world. 

     I'm a Certified Trainer in the Canfield Methodology, a Certified Passion Test Facilitator, a Certified Facilitator for Advanced Solutions for Activating Passionate Engagement, and an Opposite Strengths Executive Coach. I live in Medicine Hat, Alberta where I enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren. For fun I play flute in the Medicine Hat Community Concert Band.